This service acts as an IndieAuth client, performing discovery on the user's website to find their authorization server and token endpoint. After the user authorizes your application, they are redirected back to this website, which then redirects them back to the redirect URI you specified with all the information your app needs in the query string.

This service can be used to quickly develop an application using IndieAuth, since it handles all the discovery and token exchange for you. It will often be quicker to let this service handle auth for you than implement all the discovery/token logic in a native application for example.

This form is here to help demonstrate the sign-in flow. In a real application, you would create your own "web sign-in" interface prompting the user for their web address. Then you can open a browser window to the address this form redirects to.


me: the user's web address. They should enter this in your application, and you can include the value when building the auth URL.

client_id: the website and unique identifier for your application. On this website, you will need to whitelist the valid redirect_uris for your application.

redirect_uri: where this IndieAuth client should redirect to after authorization is complete.

Example URL